A recent visit to my little sister who’s on an Erasmus year in Alicante has reignited my craving to travel. I have never taken a year out or gone off travelling the world for a couple of months, although I’ve always had a longing to do so.

Before going to college my little sister’s only goal was to end up living in Spain. And 2 years later, she’s over there studying for a year. Luckily my sister is one of those lucky few who know what they want to do, well what country she wants to live in anyway!

I have always had a keen interest in travelling, but coming out of college I felt like you had to get on the career ladder straight away, that taking a year off would be detrimental. Now i’m in a decent job with a decent wage and am finding it hard to justify leaving it to travel around and experience the world.

A person once said to me “sure you can always travel when you’re retired”. My thoughts on this are pessimistic, but I think realistic all the same – what if i don’t’ make it until I am retired? what if I am physically unable to travel at that age?

And I stick by this, you should do things while you can, when you’re young and have the means to do them. If only I would listen to my own advice!!

Alicante itself is a wonderful place to visit. Easy to find your way around – although big enough that every day we were finding new streets! The people are very friendly and helpful, we had no Spanish over there and didn’t have any trouble 🙂

If you do find yourself in Alicante I would highly recommend the below eateries, a trip to the Casino on the port and a walk through the Pirate Ship – Santisima Trinidad entry is €5 with a free beer / coffee on the deck.

100 Montaditos on Avenida de Denia – this little franchise provides little sandwiches with over 100 different fillings to choose from. The usual cost is €1.20 per sandwich, but on Monday nights all Montaditos are only 50c!

Pic below show’s just a portion of the amount of food we got on our last night there!

If you’re looking for exceptional authentic Spanish Tapas, and some unreal Chorizo, look no further than El Buen Comer located on C/Mayor, 8. We were a bit worried when we were the only people there on the night, but we ordered enough food between the two of us that they had to give us a second table! None of the dishes disappointed. I’d highly recommend the meatballs!

And sure here’s a few snaps from the trip!

DSC_4669   DSC_4411DSC_4697   DSC_4346

DSC_4332   DSC_4373

DSC_4332   DSC_4416



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      1. Everywhere I’ve been it is a derogatory word for whore. Yes, it’s used in a few expressions, but I’m not sure how appropriate it is to put in the title of your blog without any explanation. Seemed random. Just wanted to make sure you knew you were cursing and didn’t mistype “La Punta Grande” or something.


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