New Year, Some Small Resolutions…

Last year was the first year I have actually managed to stick to a resolution I made – a simple change – to read more. I finished the year on a total of 29 books and enjoyed every moment of it!

Hopefully 2015 will be just as successful for my reading activities but I’ve gotten a bit braver this year, with more that one resolution on the list.

1. Start a blog – hurrah! already succeeded on that one my friend. I hope to add a few posts here and there maybe on a bi weekly or monthly basis, don’t want to tie myself down to any deadlines on this one just write when I can, or when I feel like I have something to say that other people might actually want to hear.

2. Go outside more – Now, i’m not a recluse or anything but I would just like to be outside more. Go for more walks, runs, jogs whatever. If the weathers nice take a walk into the park (which is literally behind my apartment) to read my book instead of curling up on the couch inside. Be one with nature as they say. Have to be careful with this one, don’t want to end up chained to my favourite tree screaming at the wood cutters.

3. Learn a language – This has been on and off my New Years resolution lists for years now. Last year I attempted to learn Italian after returning from Florence and deciding I must live there. I would still live there but Italian isn’t for me, and you don’t need Italian to get by anyway. So this year i’m going to go back to learning German, as I did in school. What i’m finding unbelievably helpful and useful this time is Duolingo, the app is free, caters to any level and is fun to use!

And those are my three resolutions for 2015. If I can stick all or even one of them i’ll be doing good!


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