Goodbye January.. Hello Spring!

End of January and start of Feb was not particularly successful resolution wise. But there are a few noteworthy ideas.

LautrecsGirls night was had in the hometown – Kilkenny. Good food, good wine, good company, what more could you ask for? If you find yourself down around the south east of the country I highly recommend checking out Lautrecs for Tapas.

We ordered 4 dishes each – this turned out to be far too much food so I would advise three and maybe a sharing dish. They also have an early bird of 3 tapas for €15, not bad at all! The bad quality picture shows a tiny fraction of the food that was ordered!

Lautrecs – 9 Kieran Street, Kilkenny. 

And a few other pics from the trip home 🙂

DSC_4861DSC_4859Oh and I almost forgot to mention – there was some snow last week, and I didn’t have to hike up a mountain to find some!


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