Productive Sunday Morning…

In the past few weeks I have leaped off the resolution wagon, almost all the way back to square one.

But back to it today! Up and at ’em kind of a morning.

4km run completed before 11am (granted, the only reason I went was because my neighbour was going!) And it has set me up for the day.

Met these handsome fellas along the way 🙂


Now have my Granola batch for the week made and soup is bubbling away.

DSC_4927 DSC_4928

I only started making granola for breakfast in work a couple of weeks ago. It’s simple to make and will save you some money on buying breakfast!

So a quick update on how my ‘resolutions’ have been going.

1. Blogging – not going as well as I had hoped, I would like to be uploading at least a blog a week. I’ll get there!

2. Go outside more – haven’t been doing to good with this one either, but it’s actually starting to feel like Spring so hopefully the brighter days will give me some motivation to get outside!

3. Learn a language – I was doing so well with this, working my way through Duolingo, until about 2 weeks ago. Only getting back to it now.

So I am far from giving up on any of the above, just need to give myself a good kick up the backside and get back into it.

And now for the remainder of my Sunday I am going to dive into the second book of the book club I recently joined.

IMG_20150307_130638 (1)


5 thoughts on “Productive Sunday Morning…

  1. Boy, your Sunday is tougher than a Monday if it makes you accomplish so much! But, some of that credit ought to go to your neighbour for inspiring you to get started on the right note or rather run. I guess you’re already motivated and fully geared up to meet Monday head on – good. Thanks for the charming post!


  2. The cold weather slows down all our good resolutions! Looks like you are back on track, nicely done! I have been in hibernation mode too – those resolutions weren’t abandoned, they were just frozen for awhile!

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