Northside Ghost Walk – Dublin

Last night myself and a couple of friends went on the Ghost Walk Tour around North side Dublin. The first thing to be scratched off my Irish Bucket List.

The tour is carried out by Hidden Walks Dublin, it costs €13 and lasts for the best part of 2hrs – well worth checking out.

Meeting at The Church Bar at the top of Mary Street, our wonderful tour guide brought us on an engaging journey through the gruesome history of the north side of the city. Despite the bright summers evening(unusual for Ireland) not making for the best of settings, the tour-guide did a great job of keeping everyone intrigued throughout.


Wolfe Tone Park – behind The Church Bar & Jervis Street Shopping Centre. These now deconsecrated grounds once St Mary’s Graveyard. As you can see the gravestones now lie stacked at the end of the park.


From here we moved on to St Mary’s Abbey just around the corner. This was my favourite part of the tour as I had no idea that it existed. The abbey was once the wealthiest Cistercian Abbey in Ireland. There’s a ghost story or two surrounding this spot, but i’ll let ye find that out for yourselves.

DSC_5795Next we were brought to St Michan’s Church located right behind The Four Courts. This is the second oldest church in Dublin, with Christ Church being the oldest. St Michan’s is also home to 4 mummified corpses. Unfortunately there was no access to the crypts during the walking tour, was hoping to mark two off the bucket list. Definitely going to head back there – it’s open from 10am to 4pm from Monday to Saturday.

From here we moved on to Hendrick Street – the most haunted street in Dublin, so they say.  The ghost stories associated with this street happened primarily in number 7 & 8 where the ghost of a man was spotted numerous times standing in front of a fireplace & occupants reported footsteps on empty staircases.

Last remaining Georgian tenement house in Dublin.
Last remaining Georgian tenement house in Dublin – Hendrick Street. 


An abandoned old electrical warehouse also lies on Hendrick street – where it is said that faces have been spotted in the windows of the empty building. The only thing we could spot was that the blinds in one of the windows seemed to be moving by themselves.


There were a few more stops after this,DSC_5803-2 as the night became dark, and the tour finished up in the oldest pub in Dublin:

And just some follow up reading for myself after the ghost tour, might not be sleeping for a few weeks!



4 thoughts on “Northside Ghost Walk – Dublin

  1. Ireland itself is on my Bucket List! Thanks for visiting my blog here in Pensacola, Florida. I’ll enjoy armchair traveling as you move through your Irish Bucket List.


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