Bucket List. Slowly But Surely.

Been a little while since my last update, but i’m slowly making my way through my Irish Bucket List.

Here’s a few highlights from the last couple of months.

St Michans Church (the home of the mummies).

This place is pretty cool, if  you’re not opposed to seeing numerous skeletons. Currently there are two crypts open to the public. Its €6 per person and a tour guide will escort you down. Luckily, when we were there the mummies were on full display, but since then they have had to put up a perspex screen to stop any damage being caused. This is because a visitor tripped and almost landed on one of the mummies a few weeks previous. Up until a couple of years ago you were able to touch a finger of one of the body’s for good luck, they had to stop this when the fingers started disintegrating!

We were not allowed to take any photos of in the crypts themselves, but here are some from outside the grounds.



Johnnie Fox’s – Ireland’s Highest Pub

I’ve been meaning to take a trip here for the last couple of years. I would definitely recommend booking a table in advance as its quite a busy spot.

This pub is located in Glencullen at the top of the Dublin mountains. Bit of a spin but totally worth it. Good food, great atmosphere, and if its a clear day some beautiful views.

DSC_6087 DSC_6086 DSC_6085


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