How Did Those Resolutions Work Out?


With Christmas fast approaching and a new year on the horizon I think it’s time to have a look back on how I got on with my resolutions from last year.

  1. Start a blog – well I succeeded in that one, but I didn’t live up to my expectation of a bi weekly posts – however I did manage to get 11 posts up – and with this one 12, that counts for one a month, right?!
  2. Go outside more – this one started out good, but between the end of the summer and now I haven’t managed to keep this one going, between the end of the summer and now I have not ventured on many adventures outside.
  3. Learn a language – this is something that has been on my resolution list for a number of years now. This year is no different to any other, I have not managed to learn a language, again!

So rather than coming up with a new list of resolutions for 2016 I am going to stick to what these 3 from 2015 and keep working my way through my Irish Bucket List too.

Wish me Luck!


5 thoughts on “How Did Those Resolutions Work Out?

  1. Here’s the only resolution I make… each year. I resolve to make NO resolutions!! Blogging should be a pleasure… good on your one a month… now, next year set a goal of 2 posts a month! Not a resolution!!!

    Mind you… if you get out a little more often you’ll have a lot more to blog about! 😉

    Happy Christmas and a great New Year!! Maybe I meet you somewhere along the Liffey… 🙂

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