Christmas – Not as Planned

Originally I had planned to put up a photo journal of ‘Christmas in Dublin’. Unfortunately, I had a mishap with my phone and lost the majority of photos I had for this blog. Anything that did survive I will include at the end.

Every Christmas I return home to Kilkenny to spend time with my parents and my sister who is living in Spain. I picked my sister up from the airport the day before Christmas and we made our way down to Kilkenny. On Christmas Eve, like every year, the two of us headed into town to collect any last minute presents or necessities for Christmas dinner.

Just as we were picking up the final element we needed before heading home, I managed to slip and dislocate my knee. So we spent the evening in A&E. Not how we had planned on starting my time off from work and the Christmas holidays!

Personal Christmas traditions for myself would include lots of visiting of friends, long walks in the local woods or parks and general up and about activities. I found it hard to adjust to a Christmas on the couch relying on everyone around me for anything I needed.

Dropping my phone was also a result of my clumsiness while trying to navigate my way around on crutches – those things are harder than they look!

For the meantime, I am down living with the parents in Kilkenny until I am back to a stage where I can manage the stairs up to our apartment in Dublin. Living back at home, no matter how short-term, is also something that takes a lot of getting used to. For myself anyway.

It could have been worse, and things can only get better – right? πŸ™‚ I look forward to getting back on my feet and grabbing 2017 by the horns. No resolutions this year, as I fail miserably at keeping them. Just to be happy, hopeful and fulfilled.

Here are the salvaged photos from the intended post – enjoy!


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